Become a sponsoring partner.

In addition to listings in our directories and calendar, Alt Ed Austin also provides advertising space to schools, nonprofit organizations, and businesses whose goals and practices align with the values that guide this website. We reserve the right to decline ads we do not consider a good fit for our audience. Banner ads in the right sidebar, which run for one month or more, are explained below.

We also offer affordable, shorter-term Featured Event ads on the Home and Calendar pages (rates and details below). In addition, when you underwrite an issue of our free, subscription-based e-newsletter, the Alt Ed Monthly, your program will be featured in an exclusive Sponsor Spotlight article. Contact Teri for more information about these opportunities.

Sidebar Advertising Policies and Procedures

Each ad will run in the sidebar of every major public page of the website, including the blog.

Ads are placed in available spaces on a first-come, first-served basis. See descriptions of specific spaces below. NOTE: Space 2 is a rotating space that functions like a slide show, switching ads every five seconds, several ads sharing the space.

In most cases, as indicated below, ad spaces may be purchased for two- or three-month periods, which are discounted by about 10 or 20 percent, respectively.

Ads must be paid for in advance, either by PayPal or by check (contact teri at altedaustin dot com for mailing address and payment instructions). Ads will be placed and begin running within two working days of receipt of electronic ad file and/or payment, whichever comes last, barring any unresolved problems with electronic files, or on another mutually agreed-upon date.

The advertiser (identified on this site as a Sponsoring Partner) will provide, by email or another agreed-upon method, a web-ready image file, preferably in JPEG or PNG format. Alt Ed Austin may resize it as needed to fit the space (keeping the same proportions) and will ensure that, when clicked, the ad leads to the sponsor’s specified web page.

If you have questions related to ad policies, procedures, rates, or placement, please contact Teri Sperry at teri at altedaustin dot com.

Sidebar Advertising Rates & Image Sizes

NOTE: The sizes listed below are those at which they appear on a computer screen at normal resolution; please submit your images in those proportions but at a larger size for better resolution on smart phones and other devices: at least 1000 pixels wide.

AD SPACE 1: Top spot in sidebar
Size: Medium, 200 x 300 pixels (portrait orientation)
1 month: $140

AD SPACE 2: Second from top, rotating
Size: Small, 200 x 200 pixels (square)
1 month:   $80
2 months: $144
3 months: $192

AD SPACE 3: Third from top
Size: Medium, 200 x 300 pixels (portrait orientation)
1 month:   $100
2 months: $180
3 months: $240

AD SPACE 4: Fourth from top
Size: Large, 200 x 450 pixels (portrait orientation)
1 month:   $80
2 months: $144
3 months: $192

AD SPACE 5 & Beyond: All below Space 4, placed from top to bottom on a first-come, first-served basis
Size: Any, 200 x up to 450 pixels (square or portrait)
1 month:   $60
2 months: $108
3 months: $144

Featured Events Advertising—Home Page & Calendar Pages

The design for the Featured Event ads are executed by Alt Ed Austin using one of several templates that are in keeping with this website’s own design and color scheme. The advertiser may opt for a template that includes text and a small logo or one with only text. 

FEATURED EVENT ADS (placed on a first-come, first-served basis, up to 2 ads running at once)
Size: 350 x 230 pixels (landscape orientation)
1 week:   $40
1 month: $135